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Deaf Dog Training - Spin

Step 1: Choose your signal. Place a treat in your hand and put it near the dogs nose. Once the dog seems interested in the treat, slowly move your hand to lure the dog in a circle. Repeat these steps and go in the opposite direction.

Step 2: Once your dog is reliably following the treat, try moving your hand further away from the dog and use your signal. If your dog is getting confused about going in both directions, focus on learning one and then the other. If your dog is not understanding the signal without the obvious lure, take a step back and practice the trick with the lure a few more times.

Step 3: If your dog is understanding the command with minimal luring, try fading the lure completely and just give your signal. If the dog does not respond to just a signal, take a step back and use your lure a few more times.


Be sure that you reward and mark every successful spin in each step. Keep these sessions short and fun. If you or your dog are getting frustrated, take a break and come back later!

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