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Ann Arbor, MI

Macaroni is a deaf and vision impaired 2 year old Australian Shepherd. She was adopted from us as a young puppy, but unfortunately due to conflicts with another dog in the home has found her way back to us.

Mac is a very sweet and energetic girl. She loves attention and loves to zoom! Due to her past, we believe she would do best in a home without other dogs, but does enjoy the company of other dogs out of the home. She's an extremely fun dog who loves to learn and is extremely food motivated. She loves playing training games and doing enrichment. She is looking for a home that will provide her with the activity and love she needs to thrive.

Because Mac is basically a big puppy, we believe she would do best in a home without children. She is crate trained, spayed, and up to date on vaccines and preventatives. 



Baltimore, MD

Phil is a ~3 year old, deaf American Pit Bull Terrier.

Phil had a rough start to life and was left abandoned in an apartment all by himself when his owner landed in jail. He was found and adopted, just to be returned when the adopter realized he was deaf.

Phil has been with us for a few weeks and is doing well. He is a goofy guy and such a lover!

Phil is still learning manners, but adores other dogs. He is a pretty vocal player and would do well with a younger or more tolerant buddy to wrestle with. He has shown no concerning interest in the small dog or cat in his foster home so far.

He is doing well with crate training and is house trained. He will try to mark in a new place, but moves past that quickly and settles in.



Baltimore, MD

Gordo is an almost year old, deaf and blind, mixed breed.

Gordo is the sweetest boy around and loves people! He is a great snuggler, he just might need a boost up onto the couch with you!

Gordo is house trained and very food motivated. Gordo does have some separation anxiety and would do well with someone home more often than not. Once Gordo is comfortable in his new home, we will setting his family up with a trainer at our cost to help them!

He loves other animals and would do well with a buddy in his home to play with.

Gordo is looking for a family who is active and will get him moving so he can lose some weight and be more like a young man!



Baltimore, MD

Gaston is a ~10 week old, deaf and blind, Australian Shepherd Mix!

While it might seem scary to some that Gaston is deaf and blind, we assure you, he is ALL puppy!

He is such a funny little guy and adores people and other dogs. He loves to play outside and run around in the grass.

Due to his general puppy habits and impairments, we would like to place him in a home with older children.

He is doing well with house training and crate/pen training. He is very food motivated and will learn very quickly!

Pending Adoption!


Ann Arbor, MI

Blueberry is a 7 month old vision impaired Border Collie (Embark test pending!). Yes, she can hear! We pulled BB from a local shelter a few months ago and she presented with some quite serious behavior issues. She has been improving exponentially here, but will require a home with experience in high drive dogs.

Blueberry has come out as a very sweet and energetic learner. She loves to play training games - her favorite being tug! She also loves the flirt pole! She will happily chase a ball and a rolled frisbee. She is sharp witted and definitely has a sense of humor. She loves to be with her people and enjoys a good snuggle. If placed in a home with lots of toys to play with, she promises to return many hours of entertainment!

Because of her past behavior, the ideal home for Blueberry will understand her physical and mental needs. While she does enjoy chase games, she thrives with low arousal activities like frequent hiking.

Based on her behavior in her foster home, I believe Blueberry can be successful in a home with other dogs as long as high value items like bones are not kept out with the group. She has been fine with management fails, but will show body language that she is uncomfortable. She does become over aroused and scared in chaos and would not do well in a home without structure. She would enjoy a tolerant playmate that she can become acclimated to with a slow transition. She has become great friends with the dogs in her foster home and has a lot of forgiveness with dogs she knows well. She is not a good candidate for a dog park.


Blueberry will need to stay within an hour of Ann Arbor Michigan so that our trainer can work with her new family while she settles in. This training will be provided free of cost and for as long as is needed. Applications for Blueberry can be submitted at the link below. PLEASE PROVIDE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE about why you feel your home might be a good fit for Blueberry, as we'd like to limit her number of trial adoptions.


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