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Deaf Dog Training - Roll Over

Before teaching your dog to roll over, it should be able to successfully lie down.

Step 1: Give your dog the command to lay down. Once the dog is in a down, put a treat in front of your dogs face. Keeping the treat near the dogs nose, slowly move your hand towards the dogs side. This will cause the dogs head to turn. Once the dogs head turns, continue to move the treat if the dog is following. Your dogs head should continue to follow the treat until it is lying on it's side.

Step 2: Once your dog is on it's side use the treat to lure the dog onto it's back. Move your hand holding the treat towards the dogs backbone. This step can take some time as not every dog is comfortable on its back. Be sure to never force your dog onto its back. Reward your dog for any movement onto its side or back if it seems unsure.

Step 3: Try doing step one and two in sequence with no pause. Reward your dog when it fully completes the roll over! If your dog doesn't seem to understand the full sequence of behaviors, take a step back and polish up on the previous steps.

Keep sessions fun and short. If you find that you or your dog are getting frustrated, take a break! Remember to keep training positive and fun for both of you!

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